Sagittarius Publications prints four issues of the Jyotish Digest every year which has some very fine ‘journal’ articles from some of the finest Vedic Astrologers and spiritualists.

We have four options for subscribing to the Jyotish Digest. You can subscribe to the Jyotish Digest for a year, two or three years (print subscriptions). You can purchase these directly from the Sagittarius Publications website.

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Future plans include an archive of back issues. It is in beta level as we are still converting some of the old issues to digital format (pdf) for online delivery.

We now have the fourth option which will add digital (pdf) version for online delivery. You will need to buy that from this website to enable automatic access. Choose ‘Satya’ below.
  • One Year
  • 4 Issues
  • Print Only
  • Two Years
  • 8 Issues
  • Print Only
  • Three Years
  • 12 Issues
  • Print Only