astrology1By Karthik Venkataramani
Most scientists would reply in the negative.
Especially if they are from India, where we have been systematically trained over decades to discount anything Indian. But, opinion espoused by scientists shouldn’t discourage us from pursuing facts. Had Einstein postulated that time-space continuum is a dimension in the 19th century, the chances are he might have been ridiculed. The most common objections to astrology are:

One, astrology implies that planetary movements have impact on individual lives. Modern research shows that planets cannot influence individuals.

Two, astrology claims to predict the future events. Again there is no empirical way it can be done. From the perspective of modern science, these objections are valid. Yet, this throws open a few more questions:

Does modern science describe reality in its entirety on the basis of empiricism and reductionism? The answer is a clear no, as every quantum mechanical postulate has to be buffered with correction factors to justify them. And most theories are based on very esoteric assumptions, which haven’t been proven. A case in point would be black holes, wormholes and white holes. And we understand very little about what constitutes inter-stellar space or how this universe evolved (if at all it evolved). So, to discount astrology on the basis of current advancements and understanding in modern science would not be valid.

Also, most of us have experienced that even a mediocre astrologer can make very detailed and fairly accurate prediction of future events. And with good astrologers, the level of accuracy increases. This begs a question. How can a stranger predict events to come in someone’s life? Even if he can predict one
event to a fair detail and accuracy, there has to be a method behind it. How much the practitioner has mastered the method is specific to the individual.

So, this gives rise to 2 possibilities, both hypothetical:

One, there is a science behind astrology, but it is of a higher level of abstraction. But the calculations themselves are made with reference to planets, which are at best reference co-ordinates.

Two, the science of astrology has consciousness as its central theme. And Vedic science recognizes that every entity, including planets, have consciousness. Dutch philosophers like Spinoza share this view too. And some Physicists like Einstein and Wigner share that as well. So, the planetary effect on an individual’s life is indeed interplay of the
consciousness of the individual and the planet.

Consciousness is yet to be recognized as part of modern science. Nobel laureate Eugene Wigner feels that sans consciousness our efforts at building a Grand Unified Theory will come to a naught.

At this juncture, let us step aside and look at astrology from a quantum-mechanical perspective. From the QM point of view, the concept of linear time is meaningless. Hence, our normal understanding of past, present and future are rendered meaningless in QM. There are just 3 things – Events, Observer and the
Interaction between them.

As for events, they don’t occur; they exist. The observer perceives them when he is located at the right co-ordinates from where he can interact with those events. So, for the purpose of understanding, let us depict time as an axis. If we assume that the observer is located at (0,0) co-ordinate, everything to the left of (0,0) co-ordinate will be the past; everything at (0,0) co-ordinate will be the present; everything to the right of (0,0) co-ordinate will be the future. The observer can perceive and interact with the events of the present. He remembers events of the past with which he has interacted. But, he doesn’t know what events lie in the future, i.e., to his right. For some reason unknown to us, he can move only from left to right at a defined velocity. So, he perceives future events whenever he reaches the co-ordinates at which they exist.

Now, let us hypothesize that astrology is a science that has a method to shift the co-ordinates at will either to the right or left. That means an astrologer trained in that method can perceive the events that exist in the past or future. But, he cannot interact with that.

Perhaps this could be understood with an
analogy. Let us say it is pitch dark and you are
looking at your car, which is parked 100 metres from you. Obviously, you can’t read the number plate on the car. But, you have torchlight and project a beam at the car, then you can read the number plate, though you cannot touch it. So, when an astrologer shifts the co-ordinates to perceive a future or a past event, it is like flashing a beam of light at a distant object to perceive it.

That brings up another interesting question. How do we account for time travel? Is it the same as astrology? Well, time travel is documented in Vedic scriptures. Many modern researchers have also documented cases. Well, if we were to continue the analogy, then time travel is in part distinct from astrology. An observer may use astrology to perceive a future event, i.e., he flashes a beam of light at it. But if he were to interact with that event, he has to undertake time-travel. That he has to travel in some form to the co-ordinate where the event is located. Since we know that QM limits us from doing so with our gross body, this again brings up the relevance of Consciousness and subtle body employed to do this.

Hari Bol

Venkateshwara A Reddy adds…

Astrology is beyond Science. There is an emerging Mathematics known as Clifford Algebra (higher dimensional divisional Spaces) deals with existence of Magic, Occult, and Astrology et al. All these so-called sciences are certain examples in that mathematics.

Why don’t you question on the Axiomatic foundations of these sciences.
Axiom is neither proved, nor disproved.  Ask for the proof of those axioms from those so-called scientists.

A Finite system can’t understand /comprehend the Infinite Truth. This is called Godel Incompleteness Theorem in Logic. Godel was tried to prove the existence of God.

There is a book. It is titled as ‘on the history of mathematical proof of existence of god’ written in German by some mathematician.

Vice President Al Gore

By J Sarat Chander
HL – Hora Lagna GL – Ghatika Lagna UL – Upapada Lagna
Chart of the Vice President of the USA, Mr. Al Gore, Born on 31st March 1948 at Washington DC, USA.

AC – 13 deg 20 min. Char Karak Jupiter 05 deg 28 min. Gnati
Sun 17 deg 47 min Matri Venus 02 deg 53 min. Dara
Moon 10 deg 11 min Pitri Saturn 22 deg 51 min. Bhratri
Mars 25 deg 00 min Atma Rahu 22 deg 53 min. Putra
Mercury 23 deg 46 min Amatya Ketu 22 deg. 53 min


As may be seen from the above chart, Mr. Al Gore was born in Cancer Ascendant and Scorpio Navamsa Lagna. Moon the ascendant lord/Lagna Lord has gone to the 6th and is in conjunction with the lord of the 6th – Jupiter, who is in his own house (Sagittarius). The Ascendant has conjoined Saturn (lord of the 7th and 8th) and Mars (lord of the 5th & 10th). Mars, being the lord of the 10th, conjoining the Ascendant gives rise to Kendradipathi yoga and it is also his Yogakaraka. Though it is debilitated, its conjunction with Saturn (the lord of its exaltation sign) in a kendra (Ascendant) cancels the debilitation and gives rise to Neechabhanga Rajyoga. Moon, the lord of lagna, conjoining the 6th lord in 6th house gives rise to Dheemantah yoga, which makes him a very well read and knowledgeable person. Mars and Saturn conjunction in the Lagna also makes him a very hardworking person though the traces of a sagging spirit could be seen in him occasionally due to the debility of Mars and also the conjunction of Saturn.  Besides, the lagna is also conjunct A3 and A10, the arudha padas of the 3rd and 10th house. The 10th lord (Mars) conjoins A10. This also makes him a man with great strength to achieve the goals of his karma/action. Thus, his Martian qualities will predominate his disposition because it has won over the ‘Graha Yuddha’ and is the Atmakaraka.

The Ascendant is also aspected by Venus from the 11th house – Taurus, which also happens to be his Arudha Lagna (Arudha Lagna is arrived at by first calculating the number of signs the Lagna Lord has moved from its house (Lagna) and then by progressing those many signs from its placement). This makes him a person with a very charming personality and a strong charisma. Venus, being the karak for Arudha Lagan (Maya), bestows upon him undying charm, name and fame as it also aspects his Lagna (the Truth). Thus, he has risen to a great height by having become a Vice President at a very young age and has gone into the history of America.

In fact, achieving the highest office is the desire of his Atma (Soul) too as may be seen from the Arudha of the Navamsa Ascendant. The Lord of Navamsa Lagna – Mars, becoming Atmakaraka becomes a Karaka yoga – a great yoga in itself. It is also quite interesting to note that the Martian sign Scorpio plays an important role in deciding the US President and Mr. Al Gore has Scorpio rising in his Navamsa Lagna.

The lagnesh – Moon – having gone to the 6th house not only makes him a Dheemantah, but he is also troubled by a number of enemies and great amount of his energy is spent fighting his adversaries. No wonder he has a good number of adversaries given the fact that he is in politics and his desire is to achieve the highest office. Jupiter’s presence in the same house, which is also his own house, indicates presence of strong political enemies but he will win over these adversaries as Moon has won over Jupiter in degrees.

His Upapada conjoins Ketu, Hora Lagna (HL), A7 (Arudha pada of 7th house) in the 4th house and it has the aspect (Rasi drishti) of Venus from the Arudha Lagan and Mercury in the 8th house. His Upapada is also in “Sashtashtak” relationship with the Arudha Lagna. This means that his public image would, quite often, be a source of disturbance in his private life.

His Dasamsa (D10) chart has Cancer rising in the ascendant and Sun is placed in the 10th house – Aries – in exaltation. Mars is once again aspecting both the Dasamsa Lagna and the Sun in Aries by Rasi drishti from Scorpio – the 5th house. Moreover, the Dasamsa lagnesh, Moon, is placed in a trine (9th house) to the ascendant. This indicates that he should rise in his karma to achieve the high political offices in his lifetime, which he is bound to do so.

His Ghatika Lagna, which indicates power and authority, is placed in Virgo (Kanya) in the 3rd house, which is the 5th from Arudha Lagna. The Ghatika Lagna is also aspected by Sun in Pisces; Jupiter and Moon in Sagittarius and A9 in Gemini. The aspect of Sun, Moon and Jupiter on the Ghatika Lagna is very beneficial for his political career. He is currently running the Rahu Mahadasa – Saturn Antar Dasa. Rahu is occupying the 10th house in his natal chart (Rasi Chart) and is aspecting the 10th from Arudha Lagna (Aquarius), which is its own house, while Saturn occupying the Lagna also aspects Aquarius (10th from Arudha Lagna). He also begins his Aquarius Narayan Dasa, which begins from 1st April 2000. This indicates that he will be blessed with high offices. He already continues to hold one (Vice President for the past 7 years) and definitely seems to be a potentially strong candidate to ascend to the highest office – that of the President of the US.


The SJC Logo comprises an eight petal lotus yantra of crimson red (satva guna) petals in the eight karmic directions with each petal being an offering made of pure devotion (bhakti – devotional ecstatic love) to the digpala (deities of the directions), so that we may be released on the karmic bondage. The deities are –

Direction Paper Devatä Sun/Soul
East Top/Up Indra Sürya
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South Right Yama Vivasvan
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